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Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Looking for a way to fix your tubeless tire? check out our kit! This kit includes a tubeless tire repair kit, rubber strip, and more. We can help keep your bike on the court and ready for your next race.

Tubeless Tire Plug Kit

Looking for a way to reduce your tyre's life and ensure safe riding? Check out our tubeless tire plug kit! This kit provides you with everything you need to get started, and will reduce the time you need to invest in tyres. the tubeless tire plug kit comes with the following items: -1 workset of tubeless tires -1 adapter -1 adapter for the tyre pressure gauge -1 protective cap -1 canadians price: the tubeless tire plug kit is $129. 99 with a canadian sales tax.

Patching Tubeless Tire

Our 8 pcs car flat tire repair plug kit for car truck motorcycle diy patch tubeless is the perfect tool for patching tubular tires. Our kit includes 8 plugs that can help you fix roads that have been slashed by tubulars. Our plugs are made of durable plastic and are designed toressed with a high degree of accuracy. if your tubeless tire is punctured, your bike will need to be brought in for repair. You can either use a service likeacan or our shop to fix it or use a needle patch or fix tool to patch the hole. this kit includes 6 pieces of tubeless tire patching hardware - this is plenty enough to cover most tires in each of the patching holes. The kit also includes a split needle and rasp, so you can use either tool on the different layers of tire material. The kit also includes a tool to help remove the patchy tire from the machine, this is a. The " splice patch tool. The tubeless tire repair kit set is a great set of tools for tubeless tire repair. It includes 100 pcs car vacuum tire repair kit set, rubber nails tool andail.